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Whether you got your hair professionally colored at a salon or did it yourself at home, it does not always turn out the way you want it to. In fact, a dye job can look downright awful. For example, if you tried dying your hair blonde and it turned out orange, you would likely feel embarrassed to leave the house.

At Trendline Salons LTD, we understand just how embarrassing a bad dye job can be. You are worried what everyone will think and are nervous about stepping outside. That is why we want to offer you corrective coloring services. It involves a couple steps and will make your hair look like new.

The first thing we will do is strip the current color out of your hair. We use professional hair strippers that will leave as little damage as possible. Depending on how badly damaged your hair is, it may take more than one appointment to remove your current hair color. We will discuss all of that with you during our initial consultation.

Once we remove all the color from your hair, we will apply a new color to your hair. It will be perfectly even and will compliment your skin tone. We will also apply conditioning products to your hair to help strengthen and repair it.

Did you recently experience a bad dye job? If the answer is yes, you should come to Trendline Salons LTD for our corrective coloring services. We know what we are doing and offer some of the best corrective coloring services in Columbus, OH.

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